The Best Series for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

The Best Practice Tests for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

Three practice tests in the JLPT format that feature rigorously selected questions and in-depth commentary to help users prepare themselves to pass the JLPT while building their skills in authentic Japanese.

The Best Complete Workbook for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

A complete collection of test problems from all JLPT sections, in just one book. Each workbook comprises three sections: Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar), Reading, and Listening. The workbooks for levels N1, N2, and N3 can each be completed in 12 weeks, while those for N4 and N5 are each doable in 9 weeks. The ample supply of practice questions—equivalent to five tests—and lucid explanations on how to solve them enable students to firmly acquire the skills needed to pass the JLPT. The downloadable explanations are available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian.

The Best Vocabulary Builder for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

These vocabulary books present easy-to-use word combinations selected through corpus research, in the context of dialogues and commentary. The words are studied in context so that users can efficiently master essential vocabulary. The compact size makes it easy to pop out the book for mini study sessions anytime. Includes translations in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.