A Study System for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

This kanji study resource for intermediate and advanced learners presents all 2,136 Joyo Kanji, divided into seven levels of difficulty, along with their readings, stroke orders, and some 9,500 kanji words containing them (with English translations).
The textbook can also be used as a kanji dictionary, as it features three indexes at the end: On-kun, Form, and Vocabulary. Used in tandem, the textbook and workbook enable students to efficiently learn the characters while strengthening their kanji vocabulary.

Textbooks & Workbooks

Compliant app: "Dictionary by Monokakido", KANJI IN CONTEXT version

The app offers ample search functionality that it convenient to use.
Please purchase it from the Monokakido Store, which can be accessed from the "Dictionary by Monokakido" app. (compatible with iOS and macOS)

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