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QUARTET Teacher's Resource Pack

QUARTET Teacher's Resource Pack

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(incl. tax:16,500 yen)

This contains quizzes, worksheets, and other resources to help instructors to more effectively teach all 12 lessons contained in QUARTET 1 & 2. All files are printable.

  • QUARTET 1 : 37 files / 453 sheets (Incl. answers)
  • QUARTET 2 : 36 files / 411 sheets (Incl. answers)

Copyright ©️ Tadashi Sakamoto, Akemi Yasui, Yuriko Ide, Miyuki Doi, and Hideki Hamada.

Product Content

  • Downloading limit: 5 times

Download Files

  • PDF files of quizzes (no. of files: 12)
    • preparation check *
    • Kanji reading *
    • Kanji reading and writing *
    • Vocabulary A *
    • Vocabulary B *
    • Grammar *
  • PDF files of worksheets (no. of files: 16)
    • Kanji reading practice *
    • Kanji writing practice *
    • Vocabulary & kanji practice (reading) *
    • Vocabulary & kanji practice (reading & writing) *
    • Outline sheets for the writing
    • Speaking checkpoints
    • 文型・表現ペアワーク
    • Note taking activity
  • PDF files of sample quiz (no. of files: 2)
    • Sample quiz (L01 reading) *
    • Sample quiz (L08 reading) *
  • PDF files answers (no. of files: 4)
    • Text1・2
    • Workbook 1・2
  • PDF files of explanations in Japanese (no. of files: 16)
    • 読みのストラテジー
    • 文型・表現ノート
    • 初級文法チェック
    • 上級へのチャレンジ
  • PDF files of L01-L06 yomimono with furigana (no. of files: 1)
  • PDF file explaining the content

Files marked with * contain separate files with answers and example answers written in red.

(To use the product, you need to have software for viewing PDF files, such as Adobe®Reader®.)

File Restrictions

Printable / content not copyable

Terms of Use

  • The purchaser may, for only classes he/she teaches, distribute printouts of the product content to students, screen-share the content with students, and engage in similar use of the content.
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