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GENKI Picture Cards [Third Edition] (Color Version) 1

GENKI Picture Cards [Third Edition] (Color Version) 1

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This is a set of color illustrated cards (PDF files) for learning vocabulary studied in the Conversation & Grammar sections of GENKI I. It covers the entries in the Vocabulary lists, including all adjectives and verbs, and the nouns and expressions that can be depicted with illustrations.

The cards can be used as flashcards for introducing and practicing the vocabulary, and can be copied and pasted into classroom materials prepared by the instructor.

Copyright ©️ Eri Banno, Yoko Ikeda, Yutaka Ohno, Chikako Shinagawa, and Kyoko Tokashiki.

Download Files

  • Downloading limit: 5 times

Product Content

  • PDF files of picture cards (no. of files: 14)
  • Index file for cross-searching picture cards (PDX file)
  • PDF file explaining the content
  • PDF file listing all picture cards
  • Index file for both GENKI Picture Cards 1 & 2

(To use the product, you need to have Microsoft®Excel® and software for viewing PDF files, such as Adobe®Reader®. The cross-search index file requires Adobe®Reader® for use.)

Card Content

Total no. of picture cards: 558

  • 328 nouns, 62 adjectives, 121 verbs, 51 expressions
  • Contrast cards: 23 cards that each depict a pair of opposite adjectives
  • Character cards: 43 cards that depict characters appearing in GENKI

File Restrictions

  • Picture card PDF files: Printable / content copyable
  • Other PDF files: Printable / content not copyable

Terms of Use

  • The purchaser may, for only classes he/she teaches, distribute printouts of the product content to students, screen-share the content with students, and engage in similar use of the content.
  • The purchaser may make secondary use of the illustrations of this product in teaching materials for classes that he/she teaches. However, teaching materials making secondary use may not be shared with third parties or transferred, sold, or published. 
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