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Role-based Listening: Progressing from Intermediate to Advanced Japanese

Role-based Listening: Progressing from Intermediate to Advanced Japanese

生きた会話を学ぶ 中級から上級への日本語なりきりリスニング

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Author: Osamu Kamada (Supervisor)
Yukiko Okuno (Author)
Kumiko Kaneniwa (Author)
Michie Yamamori (Author)
Date Published: 2016/04/05
Audio: No audio
Genre: Listening
Level: Upper Intermediate

Intermediate/advanced resource for learner-involved study that improves listening comprehension skills by having the user assume one of the roles in the dialogues


The audio files contain 200 tracks (MP3) featuring mainly dialogues recreating actual conversations, plus live recordings of Japanese university students conversing, and rakugo and humorous stories recited by rakugo master Sankyo Yanagiya.

The supplement includes an answer key and transcripts.


  • The dialogues cover interesting, carefully selected topics such as the seasons, food, travel, part-time work, and romance, and include some rakugo as well, providing the opportunity for users to also learn about Japanese lifestyles and culture.
  • Instead of merely “eavesdropping” on the dialogues, the user role-plays as a participant, actively listening and responding to the things said.
    Each dialogue has a role card explaining the situation so that learners can play along.
  • By simultaneously building up their skills in listening and asking questions in return, learners acquire a higher level of communication ability that enables them to expand their real-life conversations by drawing more information from the other person.
  • After listening to a dialogue as a participant, users practice the dialogue using their own words to play the role, further enhancing their power of communication.

Unit structure

  • Before Listening
  • Let’s Listen: Role-playing listening → Listen again to check comprehension  → Practice asking questions in return
  • After Listening (role-playing listening): Join the conversation → Speak your thoughts → Listen to real conversation
  • Enrich Your Vocabulary


Unit 1 はじまりは桜から(Let's start with cherry blossoms)

Unit 2 食べる楽しみ(The joy of eating)
Unit 3 バイト体験(Working part-time)
Unit 4 結婚のお祝い(Celebrating a marriage)
Unit 5 買う楽しみ(The joy of shopping)
Unit 6 旅する楽しみ(The joy of traveling)
Unit 7 会社の話を聞く(A lesson on the working world)
Unit 8 恋の話(Talking romance)
Unit 9 笑う楽しみ(The joy of laughter)
Unit 10 落語家にインタビュー(Interview with a rakugo artist)

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