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Audio e-book

Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks [Book 2]

Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks [Book 2]

きょうから話せる!にほんご だいじょうぶ[Book 2]

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Author: Sun Academy NIHONGO Center
Date Published: 2015/11/05
Audio: Available
Genre: Comprehensive
Level: Elementary

This task-centered textbook helps beginning learners master fundamental communication skills through a practical, step-by-step approach.
Every unit progressively builds up communication skills by taking learners through tasks that challenge them to practically apply their skills in diverse activities. In contrast with lessons that focus on rote memorization of sentence patterns, Nihongo Daijobu! introduces learners to essential constructions in a flexible, intuitive way, helping them to acquire the power to communicate in basic Japanese in a short time. This book responds to the needs of learners who have struggled with putting classroom Japanese to use in the real world.
Book 2 builds on the everyday communication coping skills acquired from Book 1 by increasing the accuracy and breadth of the learner’s power of communication and by deepening understanding of key elements of beginning grammar.
• The accompanying supplement provides grammar review sheets and basic kanji drills.
• Comes with approximately 2.5 hours of audio material.
Materials in the Daijobu series

Book 1  Textbook (Units 1-12)
Book 1  Teacher's Guide
Book 2  Textbook (Units 13-24)
Book 2  Teacher's Guide
Overview of Daijobu Book 2

Learning goals:
・Be able to coherently discuss various topics.
・Be able to communicate enjoyably with native speakers.
・Understand key elements of beginning basic grammar (various conjugations of verbs, plain style, direction of action, etc.).
No. of words studied: Approx. 500
No. of kanji studied: 93
Estimated classroom time: 40 hours
Japanese text is written in kanji (with readings in hiragana) and kana, all with romanized readings.

Unit 13
 Daisuki desu  (Likes and Dislikes)

Unit 14 Watashi, kazoku, shitogo  (Me, my family, and my job)
Unit 15 Sugu kite kudasai!  (Come quickly, please!)
Unit 16 Hontōni arigatō  (Thank you very much)
Unit 17 Watashi no kuni to Nihon  (My country and Japan)
Unit 18 Dekimasu!  (I can do it!)
Unit 19 Watashi no kuni no osusume supotto  (Vacation spots in my country)
Unit 20 Ki ni shinaide kudasai  (Please don't worry)
Unit 21 Wasurerarenai omoide  (Unforgettable memories)
Unit 22 Dō omoimasu ka  (What do you think?)
Unit 23 Moshi mahō ga tsukaetara  (If I could use magic)
Unit 24 Okagesamade jōzu ni narimashita  (Thanks to you, it has improved)

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