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Multimedia Exercises for Basic Japanese Grammar

Multimedia Exercises for Basic Japanese Grammar


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Author: Michio Tsutsui (Supervising editor/Author)
Yoshimi Sakakibara (Author)
Shoko Watarai (Author)
Mayumi Oka (Author)
Date Published: 2018/09/20
Audio: No audio
Genre: Grammar
Level: Elementary

A grammar workbook completely based on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, a long-running bestseller of Japanese learning books. Companion study tools in the form of PowerPoint® slides help users get even more out of their workbook practices, both in the classroom and in self-study.


A solid understanding of grammar is a must-have for any language learner, but it takes more to become able to effectively communicate in the target language. Learners need to practice constructing proper sentences based on their knowledge of grammar and using those constructions in real-world situations and natural contexts.

Focused on basic Japanese grammar, this workbook helps users to efficiently gain such practice, whether it be in the class-room or in self-study.


  • This workbook is based on A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar (Seiichi Makino & Michio Tsutsui), a perennial favorite among Japanese language learning texts. It covers grammar items that should be mastered at the elementary level, presenting them in 127 units that provide phased practice progressing from the basics to applied/expansion exercises.
  • Supplementary study tools in the form of multimedia PowerPoint® slides are available for all exercises except the reading and listening comprehension practices. The slides provide fun, effective oral practice with their audio, textual, and visual material, helping both classroom and self-study learners to more effectively master basic grammar.
  • The units are independent of one another, which enables users to focus on practicing just the grammar items they want to master. This workbook is also an effective tool for more advanced learners who need to brush up on rusty points of elementary grammar.

Sample slides
   Standard (4:3 aspect ratio)  Widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio)


This is a partial list. For the full table of contents, see here.

  1. あげる/くれる/もらう
  3. 間(に)
  4. あまり
  6. ある/いる
  7. ば/ばよかった
  8. ばかり
  9. だけ
10. ~だけで(は)なく~(も)
11. だろう
12. で (means)
13. でも
14. どう
15. へ/に (to; toward)
16. が (but)
17. が/は
18. がる
19. ごろ/くらい
20. ~はじめる/おわる

There are 127 entries in total.


Notice Regarding downloading

Please download the files from the following links.

There are two options for the slides' aspect ratio: standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9). Choose the option suited for the screen that you will use to view the slides. (File size: 265MB)



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