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Audio e-book

GENKI: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol. 1 [3rd Edition]

GENKI: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol. 1 [3rd Edition]

初級日本語げんき 1 [第3版]

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Author: Eri Banno
Yoko Ikeda
Yutaka Ohno
Chikako Shinagawa
Kyoko Tokashiki
Date Published: 2020/03/05
Audio: Available
Genre: Comprehensive
Level: Elementary

Get ready for the latest GENKI! 

GENKI, one of the world's favorite elementary Japanese textbook series, is now ever better with the arrival of its third edition!  
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[Overview of GENKI (Vols. 1 & 2)]

Completion of Vol. 1 should place you at a skill level on par with JLPT N5 or CEFR A1. Vol. 2 is intended to further raise your abilities to N4 or A2.

Sentence patterns:
 Almost all the basic sentence pattern for beginners

Kanji: 317 characters
Vocabulary: Approx. 1,700 basic words used in everyday life
Time requirement: Approx. 200 hours

[Materials in the 3rd edition]

Textbook 1 / Workbook 1 (Lessons 1-12)
Textbook 2 / Workbook 2 (Lessons 13-23)
Teacher's Guide 
Answer Key

Teacher's Data Pack
Apps: Genki Vocab for 3rd Ed. / Genki Kanji for 3rd Ed.
   Genki Conjugation Cards *Available for both the 2nd and 3rd ed.
Website: Genki-Online [3rd Ed.]

[Contents: GENKI Vol.1]

Conversation and Grammar
Lesson 1 あたらしいともだち(New Friends)
Lesson 2 かいもの (Shopping)
Lesson 3 デートの約束 (Making a Date)
Lesson 4 初めてのデート (The First Date)
Lesson 5 沖縄旅行 (A Trip to Okinawa)
Lesson 6 ロバートさんの一日 (A Day in Robert’s Life)
Lesson 7 家族の写真 (Family Picture)
Lesson 8 バーベキュー (Barbecue)
Lesson 9 かぶき (Kabuki)
Lesson 10 冬休みの予定 (Winter Vacations Plans)
Lesson 11 休みのあと (After the Vacation)
Lesson 12 病気 (Feeling ill)

Reading and Writing
Lesson 1 ひらがな (Hiragana)
Lesson 2 カタカナ (Katakana)
Lesson 3 まいにちのせいかつ (Daily Life)
Lesson 4 メアリ-さんのしゅうまつ (Mary's Weekend)
Lesson 5 りょこう (Travel)
Lesson 6 私のすきなレストラン (My Favorite Restaurant)
Lesson 7 メアリーさんのてがみ (Mary's Letter)
Lesson 8 日本の会社員 (Japanese Office Workers)
Lesson 9 ソラさんの日記 (Sora's Diary)
Lesson 10 昔話「かさじぞう」 (The Folktale Kasajizo)
Lesson 11 友だち・メンバー募集 (Looking for Friends/Members)
Lesson 12 七夕 (Tamabata Festival)

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