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A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

日本語文法辞典 [中級編]

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Author: Seiichi Makino
Michio Tsutsui
Date Published: 1995/06/05
Audio: No audio
Genre: Grammar
Level: Intermediate

A must-have for learners who want to get a better grip on Japanese grammar.

A bestselling classic in intermediate Japanese grammar that presents approx. 200 key grammar points along with many example sentences and precise, easy-to-follow explanations in English.

The book also thoroughly explains common pitfalls and the distinctions in usage of similar expressions, helping users to develop an even stronger grasp of Japanese grammar. A must-have reference for learners and teachers alike.

Sister titles: A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar


◆Special Topics in Intermediate Japanese Grammar

  1. Discourse Grammar
  2. Newspaper Grammar
  3. Conversational Strategies
  4. Toward Better Reading Comperhension: Analyzing Sentences Accurately

◆Main Entries

 amari ~ zo


  1. Katakana Word Transcription Rules
  2. Compound Verbs
  3. Compound Particles
  4. Conjunctions
  5. Affixes: Prefixes and Suffixes
  6. More Counters
  7. Cooccurrence
  8. Functional Expressions and Grammatical Patterns
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